Turkey and Greece

February 4, 2017

Two years ago my sister, dad and I were lucky enough to accompany my stepmom on one of her trips to Greece and Turkey. For those of you that don’t know Marilyn (my step-mom) owns an incentive travel company where she organises incentive trips for big business. She also has a leisure division called WOW travel where she designs similar trips but for friends and non-business related people. These trips are high-end and usually have some element of surprise and adventure. She does an amazing job and for Christmas that year we were invited along to join. It was definitely and incredible experience! I am not used to traveing in a luxury style, so being catered to was definitly a change. We started in Turkey, I met Marilyn in Istanbul where I helped her do some shopping for the guests. We then flew to Cappadocia to start the trip. We stayed at an incredible hotel and went hot-air balloon riding and explored the old carved cave dwellings. From there we flew back to Istanbul to get on our charted mega-yacht which took us to Semi, Santorini, Tilos and Ephesus before returning back to Istanbul. Istanbul has been one of my favourite places to visit for years now and it didn’t disappoint on this trip either. From Turkish breakfast to Turkish baths, Istanbul treated us right.  One of the highlights of the trip had to be visiting Ephesus after closing. We were fortunate enough to walk around the ruins with no one else there. The night was finished off with a classical orchestra playing as the sunset. 

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