Just Booked a Ticket Too…

September 16, 2012


Yesterday I booked a flight to Ireland leaving January 9th and returning February 13th.  Obviously I am very excited to be traveling again, but I am also sort of afraid.  I guess it is not just the prospect of traveling, but rather the fact that after I graduate in December, I am really on my own.  I can no longer expect help from my dad financially, there is really no excuse to have a low paying job, unless I continue on with school.  I can’t (and don’t want to) really live at home anymore.  I’m alone.  Its scary. Its scary because I still don’t really know who I am, or what I want.  I wish I didn’t have a car payment, I feel so burdened by stuff. I feel like it is weighing me down and trying to control my life.  This is actually the general problem I have with living in California, I feel like I am downing in consumer products, like the constant desire to obtain more, more money, more stuff, is crashing over me like a wave and I am struggling to stay afloat.  Debt is shackles.  Things are a way to control. I hate it.  I want out.

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