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November 3, 2009


esh… Im so conflicted.

I seriously am having the hardest time deciding what to major in.

All I know is:
– I want to help people
– I would love to work with kids
– I don’t think Im cut throat enough to go into business
– I like history and science
– I want to be able to get a good job and make good money

I guess I could be a teacher, or a pediatrician or I could work for a non-profit organization. At one point I thought I might like to be an OB/GYN and deliver babies. I would always have a job as a teacher or doctor, but teachers really don’t get paid that well. Doctors on the other hand… and I did do really good in Bio and chem in high school. idk.

I have my appointment at USC tomorrow… I have a feeling that the answer is going to hit me when I least expect it.

On another note, I got to watch a polo game today. I miss it…. kinda. I think Ashley, Becca and I are going to get together on Thursday and run some drills with the freshmen… I haven’t been in the pool in a year and a half… I hope we play navy ball 🙂 (Navy ball is pretty much water polo with no rules.) My mom just asked me why Im smiling so big as I write this. Its because I was just reminded of a game my sophomore year. The ball just got turned over and the goalie was swimming it out and I was fighting her for it, and because I was really fast I got it from her and start swimming towards the goal. The goalie, extremely pissed off at this point, grabs my suit and punches me in the face. Stupid move on her part, I get a penalty shot ( which I make) and she gets a red carded… Oh water polo. I don’t know why that made me smile, but it did… good times.

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