Switzer Falls

June 3, 2014

I have such a fun group of friends here in Cali, friends that I am going to miss dearly.  My little hiking group is one of those.  My friend Kyle always organized the weekly trips and the group varies from week to week, but when you break it down it is always the same. Great people.  Beautiful nature. Escape.

Today we ventured to Switzer Falls in the San Gabriel Mountains.  It is a quick 9 mile drive into the Angeles National Park via the 2.  The hike itself starts at the Switzer Picnic Area.  There are a few different options for the hikes, there is a rather long loop, which we didn’t do, and a few different trails that allow you to go down and back.  We did a great 8.9 mile hike.  The trail itself is pretty rough because it is not well defined and you are climbing over a lot of rocks and trees, scaling walls and cliffs.  The elevation is not very tough, although coming back you are all up hill.

All and all it was another awesome hike!


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