Suffering: A Video Chat with Jakob

December 11, 2016

I was poking around some old photos today and I came across this video interview I did with my friend Jakob. It was right before I left for Thailand in 2013 and it was supposed to have been part of this larger set of interviews I had wanted to do with the people I met on my travels. The idea behind the video series was to bring life and understanding to different cultures and people. A sort of ethnographic travel journal of the wonderful people I met.

While the project did not come to fruition, there is still a lot I love and respect about this video. It came back to me at a perfect time as his last point on suffering is a theme that I have been contemplating a lot recently and one I hope to write more on in the future.

So I thought I would share this video with you, his words are truly authentic and that is what I have always loved about Jakob. And for anyone who is curious, he did make his big move, he went to work in Iceland for a while where he met his now wife, they currently live in France, where she is from.


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