Bucket List


Hello World!

My name is Erica.

I’m just your average girl with a history degree and a Star Wars tattoo on an existential journey of life as a full-time world explorer.

I am a firm believer in living out your dreams, so I chose to turn down an offer to a graduate school in Ireland decided instead to make travel my full time priority. In July of 2013 I will sell everything that doesn’t fit in a backpack and leave on a one-way Ticket to Thailand.

Like any good nerd, I’ve always loved role-playing games, and, as you probably know, the key to any good role-playing game is the part where the protagonist goes out into the world and completes quests to gain experience in order to level up.

I also love to travel, explore the world, and experience new things (there is probably a connection in there somewhere) And while bucket lists are cool, for the most part I find them not only lackluster, but the more I look around the more I see people who never accomplish anything on that list.

Then I stumbled upon Steve Kamb’s website nerdfitness.com. Steve is also a prolific world explorer and has created the coolest bucket list I’ve seen to date.

The idea behind his bucket list, or “Epic Quest of Awesome” as he calls it, is that he has a list of quest items he wants to accomplish and each quest item is worth 20% experience, just like in a video game.  So every time he completes an item on his bucket list, it adds to his experience points, and when he gets to 100% he levels up. Some items, the ones that are really difficult to accomplish, are worth 100% and take him right to the next level.


Now since I am also a history nerd, I wanted to create my own epic quest that hinged on the idea of world domination. Some of the strongest and most inspiring rulers have been women, so I wanted to give my quest all the flavor and spirit these feisty monarchs have incited, so my journey will be in the form of world domination. So here is my Epic quest to become a world empress.

Current Level:

Level 3: 40% Commplted


Level 1: 100%

Travel solo:

Paris, France 1. 2.
Florence, Italy 1.
Ireland 1. 2. 3.
South East Asia 1. 2. 3.
Budapest, Hungary

Attend the State Opera in Vienna
Summit a mountain

Mt. Williamson
Mt. Wilson
Mt. Lowe

Learn to Surf

Level 2: 100%

Surf off the West Coast of Ireland
Learn how to rock climb
Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in Ireland
7 Wonders of the New World


Live in another country


Level 3: 100%

Sell everything I own and buy a one-way ticket

Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA

Go white water rafting

Camp at Big Sur

Level 4: 100%
Visit all 58 National Parks:

Death Valley
Joshua Tree

Grand Canyon


Carlsbad Caverns


Mesa Verde


Multi-day canoe camping trip
California Challenge: Surf/Skate/Snowboard in one day

Backpacking trip to Patagonia
Backpacking Trip to South Africa
7 New Wonders of the world: (1/7)

Christ Redeemer:
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Great Wall of China: China.
Machu Picchu: Peru.
Petra: Jordan.
Pyramid at Chichén Itzá: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.
Roman Colosseum: Rome, Italy.
Taj Mahal: Agra, India

7 Natural Wonders of the World (0/7)

Mount Everest in Nepal.
Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe.
Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.
Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
Northern Lights.
Paricutin volcano in Mexico.
Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Cross the Panama Canal
Stand in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere at the same time
Stay in an ice hotel
Travel the Trans-Siberian Railroad
Two of across Europe and Central and South America
Longboard in Barcelona
Lord of the Rings backpacking trek across New Zealand
Safari in Kenya
Gorilla Trekking in Uganda
Climb one of the 7 summits
Go white water rafting
Hike the PCT
Hike the JMT
Hike Lost Coast
Dive into the great blue hole in Belize
Paraglide Dolomites, Italy
Play Indian Jones at the pyramids of Giza
Pilgrimage to the end of the world
Bungee jump
Learn to Scuba dive
Dream in a second language
Complete the Ice Marathon in Antartica
Volunteer for Women to Women International
Give a TED talk
Attend Burning Man
Attend Comic Con
Kiss my love at midnight on new years at Time Square
Attend Oktoberfest in Munich
Go to a Renaissance Fair
Waterfight at Songkran in Thailand
Attend the opening ceremony of the Olympics
Bike Central and South America
Live out of a van and travel full-time
Fix up an old Van or RV
Become a hobo-prenuer
Sleep on a porta-ledge
Climb an epic big wall
Backcountry ski/backpacking trip
Camp at Big Sur
See Mavericks
Climb Mt. Whitney
Hike Half Dome
Complete the SoCal Six Pack (1/6)

Mt. Wilson
Mt. Cucamonga
Mt. Baldy
Mt. San Bernadino
Mt. San Jacinto
Mt. Gorgonio

Hike Mt. Baden Powel
Complete the 24 hours three St’s Challenge
Drive the West Coast Completely

Travel solo 

Attend the State Opera in Vienna
Summit a mountain 

Learn to Surf
Surf off the West Coast of Ireland
Learn how to rock climb
Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in Ireland

Sell everything I own and buy a one-way ticket

Visit all 58 national parks: 2/58

State National Park
Alaska (8) Denali
Gates of the Arctic
Glacier Bay
Kenai Fjords
Kobuk Valley
Lake Clark
Wrangell – St. Elias
American Samoa American Samoa
Arizona (3) Grand Canyon
Petrified Forest
Arkansas Hot Springs
California (8) Channel Islands
Death Valley
Joshua Tree
Kings Canyon
Lassen Volcanic
Colorado (4) Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Great Sand Dunes
Mesa Verde
Rocky Mountain
Florida (3) Biscayne
Dry Tortugas
Hawaii (2) Haleakala
Hawaii Volcanoes
Idaho Yellowstone
Kentucky Mammoth Cave
Maine Acadia
Michigan Isle Royale
Minnesota Voyageurs
Montana (2) Glacier
Nevada Great Basin
New Mexico Carlsbad Caverns
North Carolina Great Smoky Mountains
North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt
Ohio Cuyahoga Valley
Oregon Crater Lake
South Carolina Congaree
South Dakota (2) Badlands
Wind Cave
Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains
Texas (2) Big Bend
Guadalupe Mountains
U.S. Virgin Islands Virgin Islands
Utah (5) Arches
Bryce Canyon
Capitol Reef
Virginia Shenandoah
Washington (3) Mount Rainier
North Cascades
Wyoming (2) Grand Teton