My Scotland Trip

November 10, 2014

Well, my original plans for Scotland changed quite a bit as leading up to Halloween I thought I would have all my research completed before I left, when in reality I had a bit more on my plate than I anticipated.  So not wanting to cancel the whole trip I decided to cut my trip from 10 days down to 5.

I ended up leaving for Edinburgh on Halloween morning, and after checking in at my lovely church conversion hostel I walked explored the city.  Now I love exploring graveyards, I think they are some of the most peaceful places and there is so much history all around. So I spent some time walking through old churches and cemeteries,I explored old Edinburgh and had a lovely organic lunch made completely out of local, seasonal produce (it was amazing.)

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Then at night I settled down at a pub watching all the crazy people deseed up walk the streets of Edinburgh till it was 11 and my city of the dead tour started.  The tour was pretty neat, and probably would have been a bit scarier if I had been with someone.  As it was there were quite a bit of young girls on the tour who wouldn’t stop taking flash selfies and it made for a seizer like distraction.  All in all the the tour was interesting.  We got to explore the underground vaults which were used during the 18th century as dens of the underworld. We also went to one of the local cemeteries famous for it internment of Jacobite prisoners during the risings.

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The next day I hoped on a bus to Fort Williams where I stayed the night, again having amazing food and seeing the first bits of the highlands.  The best part of the whole trip was being able to see a lot of the highlands by bus, it is like constant HD 360 views of epicness.  While I had originally planned to hike and camp, my plans being cut short prohibited much of this, which, in the end was probably a good thing.  I had been feeling feather ill the whole trip,exhausted and nauseated, this along with the fact that it was dark by 4 and rather cold, would have made trying to do some long distance hikes and camps very difficult. I hope to go back at some point during the spring or the summer with Alan to do some real camping and exploring.

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All and all the trip was grand, from Fort William I went up to Inverness then on to the Isle of Skye.  It was like a little taster of Scotland and I cannot wait to go back.

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