Florence, Italy

May 22, 2013

  Last summer I was living in Budapest Hungary and I did a great bit of traveling around continental Europe.  I had met a friend in Italy and we had only planned to see Venice and Rome, but after walking around Rome all day in the 105 degree sun my friend wanted to wait in the 3 hour line for the Vatican and I decided to go to Florence.  I am so glad I did, as Florence was what I had always imagined Italy being like. I loved walking the streets alone and imagining what it must have been like during the renaissance. I fell in love thinking that I was following the same path that some of the greatest artist and philosophers once walked.  Florence is beautiful  and I hope to go back one day. 418723_4452695042009_625997379_n 406693_4452682081685_978203580_n 306759_4452680761652_845900919_n 602521_4452679281615_272147198_n 524532_4451716457545_943287016_n 599897_4451708097336_1374144498_n 539091_4451674296491_501368965_n 181122_4451673616474_1371905184_n

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