My (new) Adventure into Quilting

September 21, 2011


You know when you are online and you get some random idea like ‘oh I wonder how quilts are made’ so you YouTube it and then get addicted and have to try it for yourself? Well that is what has officially happened to me.  I looked up quilting and there were tons of videos showing how to make amazing patterns with beautiful fabric.  Now we are not talking country kitchen quilts here, most of these quilts are so beautiful and trendy they would fit in well in any vintage room design.  The best ones are the baby blankets. So I have decided to try my hand at quilting, and by hand I mean doing the whole actual quilting design by hand.  I plan on going to Joann’s tomorrow and picking out some beautiful fabric.  If all goes well I would eventually like to make a baby blanket for my best friend and cousin who are both having babies (obviously) and I would also like to make on for my grandma and maybe Tom’s mom or grandma… ok now I am probably getting ahead of myself.  Let me show you a few pictures I have found as inspiration/color themes. 

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