Irish Christmas

January 4, 2015

Christmas break has brought some much needed rest.  After flying to California for a week before Christmas, I returned home to Ireland on the 22nd just in time for my first Irish Christmas.  I think one of the craziest things about going “home” was that it made me really realise where home really is for me now.  Last year when I went back California was definitely still home, I had a life there and everything even though I had been traveling for 8 months.  Although it was home it had started to change.  As much as I love my friends and family, it wasn’t the same.  I could already feel my path shifting away from a life in California.  It is a really hard feeling to explain as I think it is something you would only understand if you experience it.

This time when I went home, it no longer felt like it.  I still had my friends and family, but I didn’t belong there, another place has spoken for my soul.  It was nice going home though because it made things that much clearer, made me realise that the bonds of childhood are broken, and that my path is now fully and completely in my own hands.  I get to choose what life I live and where I live it, not the place and the culture in which I grew up.  Its not that I don’t like those things, but for me it just doesn’t fit.  I belong here, in Ireland.  This is my home now and what a perfect way to celebrate it, my first Irish Christmas.

Alan cooking us breakfast Christmas morning


Lovely fry to start the long day of eating
Playing around with my camera while Alan sets up him moms kindle and Maria watches TV
First time ever eating Christmas cake (and Christmas pudding) we delicious. Also it was Maria’s first time making a gingerbread house.
Although its been a mild Christmas (or so Im told) we had the whole house roasting hot for our big Christmas dinner
Sinead pretending to be domesticated
I don’t think I have ever seen so much food cooked up for one meal (not pictured) Marie (Alan’s mom) is in the background getting everything ready. She made such an amazing spread! I can only imagine how much work it will be to cook my first Christmas dinner
Not only did we have ham but we also had Turkey. Both were to die for
Who doesn’t like Bacon and Turkey
Shane sneaking some bacon
Sinead’s lovely table planning skills! One of the other cool first’s for me was pulling Christmas Crackers
I got to help with the name tags
Sinead’s boyfriend Paul and his mom came down to join us for dinner
Alan and his florescent ginger beard
In case you were wondering there are 3 different kinds of potatoes there! My favourite was the stuffing which was mixed with sausage meat. It was heavenly
Maria looking enthused. She has a great Christmas though, got tickets to see 1D, Taylor Swift, and the Factor
I am so blessed to have him in my life (even if it is not the best picture of me)

Holding Maria’s 1D tickets was a life-size cutout of Niall so we spend the rest of the night having the craic with it.
“Pretend like he said something funny”



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