I Propose That We Slow Dance

October 21, 2009


I have been in such a good mood these past two days. There really is no particular reason. I just feel happy and great-full…
So today I attempted to do some power yoga for strength and flexibility. Mind you I have not done any yoga since I stopped swimming 2 years ago. So saying Im sore would be an understatement. I forgot how hard it was to do some of those balancing poses. esh. So thats a work in progress. lol. But I did learn that it is impossible to meditate in my apartment during the day, with my neighbors cussing at each-other and slamming doors. Which means Ill have to attempt again before I go to school, waking up earlier… oh my body is going to love me even more!

Im currently infatuated with this song (Slow dance by John Legend) Its one of those songs I hope my future husband will play for me whenever we get caught up in pointless arguments.
I hate that… pointless arguments, and jealousy. They are both so dumb. Life is just too short argue about the trivial issues all of they time. Instead I propose we forgive quickly and love deeply.

On Tuesday next week I am going to go talk to my western civ. teacher about transferring to UCLA and what my job options would be if I decide to change my major to history. See I REALLY enjoy history, but Im afraid I will have issues finding a job… well thats a lie because I think that Ill be fine no matter what I choose. BUT I wont know a specific trade and that might not be very lucrative. I might be interested in teaching… Ill have to look into that more… the only problem with teaching is it doesn’t pay well… unless you work for a university… but that might be a sacrifice I would be willing to take to do something I enjoy…. hmm….

I think thats It.


I love it we’re slow dancin together
I love it I propose that we go to floor and we slow dance

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