How I Told My Everyone I’m Leaving to Travel Full-time

May 25, 2013

This decision to turn down grad school and travel full-time has not been lacking when it came to the emotion department.  I was really nervous (for reasons that now escape me) to tell everyone my plans.  It wasn’t until the other day when I talked to my dad on the phone and I told him about my fear that I realized how irrational I was being.

His response to my “Im afraid of putting myself out-there with my writing and failing” was, “Really Erica, THAT is what you are afraid of?  Not the fact that you will be traveling alone, or that something bad will happen to you?” And I answered honestly and said no, because those things don’t  scare me.

There is a difference I think in being aware of danger and being afraid, fear is a choice, always. I have chosen not to let fear hold me back when it comes to traveling, so why was I letting it hold me back in my writing?  That is why when my dad said this to me I realized how foolish I was being.

In the end there is no failure, only lessons to be learned, and I am sure I will learn a lot of lessons along the way.  So I decided it was time to tell everyone and to launch this site, and boy was I proven wrong in my expectations.  Everyone has been so loving and encouraging, it has definitely given me more confidence. So thank you all.

If you missed it here is the video I made to tell everyone I am leaving on a one way ticket to Thailand.

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