Hiking Big Horn Mine

March 26, 2016

A few weeks back I decided to spend my Friday out in Big Horn Sheep country in the San Gabriel Mountains. The original plan had been to head out early and summit Mt. Baden Powel, I was all set, I even had crampons that I had bought so I could stay safe while walking over ice. With some research the night before, however, I decided that there was a bit too much ice and I had too little experience with it to feel completely safe going out and climbing the mountain by myself. Still wanting to head out to that area of the park for the beautiful views and some elevation acclimation, I decided to do the short hike to  Big Horn Mine nestled right next to Baden Powel.  The day was perfect. Crisp cool air and a lot of sun made the hike enjoyable, most of the time I was able to wear a tank top and be fine.  There was some snow and ice on the grown but it was manageable. And the views of Baldy covered in snow were just completely gorgeous.  The hike itself was only 2 miles out and 2 miles back.  The mine is also really cool, and if I wasn’t alone I would have loved to grab my headlight and do some exploring.






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