Grappling With the Big Questions

January 3, 2016

Part of the problem with trying to figure out how to move forward in life is discerning what we value most. If we want our lives to be meaningful and we want our actions and plans to have direction, we must have a firm understanding of these values.


Or at least, I am beginning to think we do.

What I don’t understand or know is how fluid these values should be. Should they be solid and grounded? Or should they ebb and flow with age and experience?  I would like to think the latter, but I am unsure.

How to we stick to something when our minds change?

How do we build lives when we cannot decide what type of life we would like to have?

How do we face the opportunity cost of our decisions without regret?

I do not understand how people deal with these questions or don’t deal with them. I cannot stop thinking about them. But that stops me from living. So here I stand, in a catch 22. What do I do?

What do I want?

What do I want?


and nothing

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