Feminine Energy

June 30, 2017

A new chapter has definitely started, I am not quite sure when things changed but I feel a renewed power in myself that only comes from getting back up after you have been down. I have SO much more clarity about my life, my purpose and how amazing I am that I am now look back a little bit in gratitude for those really fucking difficult moments I had over the last year.

I can just feel this new chapter is going to be something quite incredible. I feel more open, secure and committed to really opening and embracing adversity and using these challenging situations to springboard forward my personal, spiritual, and psychological growth.

One of the reasons I believe that this is just going to be an amazing time is because I have decided to embrace and be vulnerable to my feminine energy. I want to be a strong woman in a woman’s way and not feel like I need to do it the way a man would. Strength doesn’t come from being hard or emotionless, true strength comes from vulnerability, humility, and selflessness. These are the qualities and strengths I intend to build during this next phase of life. Playing not a victim’s role when challenges come, but instead being the humble, silent, and strong monk who sees all lessons life offers through suffering.

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