My Dream Backpacking Kit

April 28, 2016

Gear is the double edge sword of every outdoorsy person. On the one hand, I can’t really think of anyone who doesn’t get excited by a trip to RIE and who isn’t thrilled about trying out new things on the trail, mountain, or crag. At the same time gear is expensive, and sometimes unnecessary, I mean how many times have you seen some poor hiker weighed down by a lot of unnecessary stuff? I have definitely been that person before. When I was traveling in South East Asia I had bought a huge 65L backpack that constantly threatened to capsize me and took practically laying on the floor to get it onto my back.  Not only that but I brought way too much with me, things I couldn’t possibly need but thought I should have just in case.

Check out this ridiculousness
Check out this ridiculousness

After my experience trucking a 30lb pack around the world, I definitely am a believer in minimalist packing, especially when it comes to outdoors backpacking. While my current inventory of the gear serves me well, most of it is unnecessarily heavy or bulky so I am looking into getting some lighter stuff.  I also have aspirations to hike the PCT in the next year or two, and there is no way my knees can take the 2,659 miles carrying the weight of my current gear. So I have decided to slowly invest in a few key items over the next year that will hopefully things I can use for years to come.  Part of the minimalist philosophy is to not only have less but to be intentional about the products you do choose to purchase, focusing on quality products that will last you.  So here is my dream backpacking kit!



The Gossamer Gear Gorilla which is awesome because it is only 29.4 oz and the back panel can be replaced with a sleeping pad killing two birds with one stone.  I am a pretty small girl so avoiding the extra weight will be key to having an enjoyable experience. Review HERE.

Sleeping Bag

lightweight-20-degree-sleeping-bag-grn-bottom_l The ZPacks 20 Degree hoodless mummy bag is also a super lightweight option. At 17.2 oz which compacts down to the size of an egg carton, this bag is a really warm option with a nominal rating of 20 degrees F. There is also a hood add-on you can purchase. Review HERE.


14667945338_ec62f852ac_b The Hilleberg Anjan 2 is such a bomber tent. Phillip has it and it is really amazing. It is also really lightweight and you can go ultralight by just using the outer shell.  I thought about getting a solo tent by the same company but think I will get this model which sleep two because then I will at least have the option to share my tent with someone else. The tent is about 3 lb 9 oz but like I said you can always forgo the inner section to make save on weight. Review HERE.

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