Day and Night: Photography

November 8, 2017


This weekend Jason and I are traveling to Tulsa, Oklahoma to photograph a wedding. The bride and groom are both in the armed forces and their wedding is set to be a mixture of candle lit romance and early winter beauty.  We will be flying out tomorrow to shoot the wedding on Friday, then on Saturday we will be venturing into the wilderness of Oklahoma (yes, there is beautiful wilderness there) to photograph their day after shoot.

This is my first wedding as a second shooter and Jason has been teaching me the way, like a Jedi master.  As his padawon I have been doing some practice shoots working with framing, shadow, and low light. We decided to go over to CSUN and wander around shooting and I was able to capture some pretty cool photos.  I have always loved photography and being able to learn from my future husband (an amazingly talented professional photographer) and be a part of the business is really amazing.  Let me know what you think of my photos and look out for some photos and a vlog from our trip to Tulsa!


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