Photo Essays


Dirtbag Dreams

Yet another photo essay from the 'bama Hills. These were taken on a weekend camping/climbing trip we took with the Weekend Warrior crew. Great people, fine crags, campfires, puppies and slacklining, it's a dirtbag's paradise.  

Yosemite: Big Wall Climbs and Alcove Swings

I started looking through some photos from earlier this year and realised I have so many photos from trips that I have yet to post. They represent some incredible adventures so I would really like to share them through a series of photo essays. This first one is from back in May when the guys (Phillip, Emilio, Ray, and Christian) headed to Yosemite to climb the West face of leaning tower, which is one of America's most overhung walls. For those of…

Death Valley: Rivers and Roads Till I Meet You (Part 1)

A few weeks ago I randomly got into a conversation on Instagram with a friend of a friend. He looked really fun and seemed to love adventure and the outdoors, so over a gorgeous photo of some hot springs in Bishop (that not very many people know about) a conversation was struck, and almost immediately after, plans were made leaving late the next evening after work, venturing  into the dark and the desert with a complete stranger on faith and…

Hiking Big Horn Mine

A few weeks back I decided to spend my Friday out in Big Horn Sheep country in the San Gabriel Mountains. The original plan had been to head out early and summit Mt. Baden Powel, I was all set, I even had crampons that I had bought so I could stay safe while walking over ice. With some research the night before, however, I decided that there was a bit too much ice and I had too little experience with…

Joshua Tree