December 28, 2012

slowly we wade out into unknown waters. cautious at first, toeing the ground beneath us until we are up to our chins, forcing us to tread. deeper we go. confident. then comes the point of decision. the turning point. swim further out of our comfort zone, to risk our -selves. and we do. heart pumping, blood racing as the excitement of the thrill fills us. every inch.  then without warning, we are caught. realization.  we fight to escape.  but every effort we make only pulls us in deeper, making things worse. grasping for breath and choking from exhaustion, or spirits go dim and hope becomes lost. then, in the moment of defeat, as we go numb, we relax.  we see the way out.  we swim in a different direction, along side hope, not towards it. with every stroke, every breath, we become free

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My name is Erica, I am a creative designer, free-spirit, and all-around dirtbag. Heart of the Nomad is a place for creativity, nature, and random musings. I write about life, share my husband's and my photography business, and my designs. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

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