January 30, 2016

While I haven’t been keeping up on here with my gratitude project I have been writing every day what I am grateful for.  I have also been adulting hardcore lately which has been really nice.  One of the things I’ve learned recently through this journey in therapy is that because I come from a dysfunctional family I have learned some pretty bad habits which I need to change.  I am basically learning how to reparent myself.  Let me just say it is not easy, emotionally or otherwise, but it does feel great to be gaining a sense of control over my life.  I do not have to be destined to have the same issues my parents did. I can learn to love and be vulnerable and accept health balanced relationships, and that is an amazing thing.  Anyway, I just wanted to come on here and post some beautiful things.  I am feeling happy and optimistic and I want to share a little beauty with the world! xx


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Californian living in the UK. Erica is currently pursuing her PhD in Historical Geography at the University of Sussex. She is a writer and a researcher, a dirtbag and an explorer. Heart of the Nomad is her creative space to contemplate the complexities of life and share pictures and videos from adventures.

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