Beach Camping: Sycamore Canyon, Malibu, California

December 7, 2015

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This weekend Mark and I cruised on up to Point Mugu State Park for a quick nature getaway.  He had never been to the spot and I had only hiked through it the area last year. Overall it was absolutely the perfect time of year to go. It was not cold even though it was December and there were only about 3 other groups at the whole campsite.

We picked our little spot, nestled in the back surrounded by trees, and set up camp. Popping some ice cold beers, we wandered down to the beach and sat on some rocks watching the tide ebb and flow, letting the low winter sun flush our faces and catching our breath every time a wave threaten to get too close.  We then wandered back to our campsite, cracked open another beer and headed off for the justly named fire road, scorched by last year’s fire, new trees sprouting out of mangled wooden corpses.

We climbed and talked and soon made it to the summit of a small mountain overlooking the ocean, perfectly in time for the sunset. Descending back to our camp we then set to making dinner, grilling up the incessant amount of meat we had purchased earlier, and popping open a bottle of white wine. Classic rock drifted through the air as we ate and danced around the fire until the stars were bright and we couldn’t help but wander into the open, laying on the ground and gazing up in awesome wonder at space.

We found our way back to our tent, put out the fire and lightly drifted off to sleep with the sounds of the waves crashing nearby.

In the morning, we woke to nature’s peacefulness and squirrels playing nearby our campsite. After stretching from a restful slumber, we carried ourselves down to the shore, having to cross PCH because the path under the bridge we had taken yesterday was now blocked by high tide.

Walking across the small beach, sandy toes and sleepy eyes, we settled down on an old sycamore log, being mindful not to wake the sleeping cyclist asleep under a nearby tree.  Sitting, watching the perfect and refreshing looking waves, and spotting dolphins seals, Mark quizzed me on random Beatles trivia while John sang about glass onions.

We eventually made our way back to the campsite, had breakfast consisting of more meat, before packing up and heading back to the beach. Mark took a quick dip in the chilly December ocean, threatening to throw me in, and then we were on the road heading for home.

All in all, it was a perfect weekend spent in nature with a lovely soul.

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