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October 23, 2009



I finally finished reading one of the many books on my list! yay. haha This is a pretty big accomplishment because I have a pile of books (12 or 13) that I have read about half-way through. So actually finishing one was nice. And of course the first thing I do is go buy another book. I bought Southeast Asia on a shoestring, it is a lonely planet travel guide. I mainly bought it to help keep me motivated… which right now I really am. If I could go tomorrow I would. I think I have decided I want to start my adventure in Bali. Its so beautiful and unbelievably cheap. I was comparing how much it would cost a day to backpack though Asia vs. Europe, its insane. Where it would cost $70-$100 a day in Europe it would only cost $15-$25 in Asia. Thats kind of sobering if you think about it too much. I started reading the travel guide and it talks about different way you can volunteer and so I think I will do something while Im over there to give back. I would love to help (in some small way) make things better for the children in those countries.

Speaking of helping people, there is this organization called women for women and you basically sponsor women in third world countries to help them receive an education. I think this is a wonderful organization because I truly believe that educating and empowering women will greatly impact the development of these countries. They did some research about the effects of educating men vs women, and they found that women were more likely to use their education to help there communities and families then men were. Interesting. I don’t know if thats true but it does make you wonder if those third world counties would be different if they let women have more liberties.

So I don’t know which book I want to finish next. I’m currently reading.. Pillars of the Earth, The Power of Decision, The Germania, The Power of Positive Thinking, Blink, The Tipping Point, Transformation, Pride Prejudice and Zombies, Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Creative Visualization, The Da Vinci Code, Plus I have a daily devotional bible which I read… Oh and cant forget all the reading for my 6 social science classes….

sometimes I think my ability as a woman to multi-task is a blessing and a curse. Or maybe I just have this disorder where I always bite off more then I can chew…

oh well

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