35 Things I Want to do Before I’m 30

November 5, 2009


1. Set foot in each of the seven continents
2. Learn at least one other language
3. Go on a mission trip to Africa
4. Climb one of the worlds seven summits
5. Learn to surf
6. Cross a glacier on foot
7. Spend 24 hours in a jungle
8. Attend the Olympic games
9. Stand on the North pole
10. Sky dive (gulp)
11. Watch an orchestral performance in Vienna
12. Go skinny dipping
13. Ride a camel in the desert
14. Learn to ballroom dance
15. Fall in love- helplessly and unconditionally
16. Read Thoreau while floating in a canoe
17. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich (would so be worth having to drink beer)
18. Master the Veolia
19. Spend a night in a “haunted” house
20. Kiss some one at midnight on new years in Time Square
21. Sing Karaoke (double gulp)
22. Sleep under the stars
23. Go white water rafting
24. Buy my own house- outright
25. Take my own the Abbey Road-esque picture
26. Ski a double-black diamond run
27. Run a marathon
28. Dance and not care what I look like
29. Have a notebook-esque kiss in the rain
30. Get married
31. Fast for 5 days
32. Take a canoe trip that last longer then 2 days
33. Go snow boarding
34. Get my masters
35. See the northern lights.

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