The Tunnel

June 7, 2014

32:365 // Gratitude Project

My sister once said to me that I am always in the tunnel looking for the light at the end, waiting, wishing.  I think this has been pretty accurate.  I am not sure anymore if this is just me, or whether this is just life, but today I learned something about my perpetual tunnel, that I am thankful for it.

I am not patient as I have mentioned before, I like to jump head first into things, the tunnels has forced me to slow down and take innovatory  of my feelings.  The tunnel that I am currently in has taught me a lot about myself.  About the kind of relationship I want to be in, how I really feel about kids and marriage, what I really want about life.  This tunnel has become my closest friend.

I am thankful for this season of waiting because I feel like I am finally leaving the tunnel with my eyes open.  I am not sure how this will play out in my relationship or my life once I get to Ireland, but I do know that I am here to create a life I want to live.  Create and not simply accept.

I don’t think I am being very articulate, and sometimes words just don’t do our thoughts justice, but it is the best I have.



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