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June 5, 2014






31:365 // Gratitude Project

Today I am thankful for…

Dear Past Love,

Today I am thankful for you.  Thankful that you let me go, that you never held me back.  I may have been bitter in the past.  I may have wished you would have stopped me from getting on that plane, confessed all, kept me with you.  But now I can see that would not have been love.

I was driving through the Santa Monica Mountains today and realized something I had been missing for a while.  I realized that I am no longer bitter about it, that feeling is all gone and the only thing that remains is gratitude.  Gratitude that you did not try to hold me back, did not weigh me down with your love, but instead you allowed me to soar.  I realize that sometimes the most loving thing you can do for a person is to not be with them, to let them go, let them set out and accomplish their goals and dreams, both of which couldn’t have been conquered had you tried to keep that person with you.

I am so thankful that you let me go, that you never held me back or tried to stop me.  I realize that it was the best way you could have ever loved me. I can now take it all for what it was, seeing the love that was there all along.

It must not have been easy, my reaction and the situation, but I am glad you could see clearly even when I could not.  So thank you.

Love always,


Today I found Beauty in…

The missed-almosts of our lives 

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