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January 2, 2016

Today I am thankful for my awesome friends who go out there and kick ass. You inspire me and keep me motivated to keep exploring.

Just to name a few, I am thankful for Justin who has been living in Dubai for the past year and a half and who always is seeking out adventure and new paths less traveled. Justin was such an inspiration to me when I met him in Hungary studying abroad, and his continual curiosity keeps me motivated to keep traveling!

I am also thankful for Alyssa who I roomed with in Hungary. She has gone on so many amazing adventures and is currently in Peru. She is not afraid to travel alone and embrace solo adventures, and I love that!

Then there is my friend Rebecca from high school, her and her boyfriend are always climbing something. They are currently in Morocco and Spain and embrace all nature has to offer, its great.

My friend Cathee and her boyfriend summited a mountain today, and she is eager for more adventures.

My Nikki is god knows where! She has been working her way around the world working on boats, promoting at night clubs and just generally being a brave kick ass woman.

My friend Sarah who does things like hitchhikes to Scotland with only 10 pounds and gets tear-gassed in Turkey during protests with me.

I am sure there are SO many more friends that I have not mentioned, and I am eternally grateful for every one of them.  You all kick so much ass and you push me to explore more, be more, and do more.  So thank you.

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