Fake It Till You Make It

May 25, 2014


Today I am especially grateful for…

I had a realization the other day, I had spent most of the day in my head chasing ghosts and feeling down and I had to ask myself why I was so impacted by this particular ghost.  I realized what it was when I asked myself what about this ghost made feel so attached and emotional, when  I realized it was not the place or the person I was nostalgic about, it was who I was at that point in time.

I felt strong then, confident, I was sure of myself, independent and stead-fast in my resolve.  I loved who I was or rather who I was becoming… And I guess I feel like I stopped being that person or lost sight of that confidence.  But those things are never really lost, just forgotten, put in the back of our consciousness while other more powerful feelings of insecurity bubble up to the surface. Being confident is a choice, and being the person I was is also a choice.  I can be whom ever I wish.  If I want to be that fearless, independent, confident chick who jumps from air planes and leaves on one-way tickets I can be.

I am her, even if I don’t feel it. If I act like I am her again, over time I will be her, and all my self-doubt, depression and dependence will melt away as they did before. I am the only one in control of who I am or how I see myself, and if I want to be that confident, strong, fearless woman I just have to make up my mind to be.  And I am.  So here I am world, hear me roar.  Today I am thankful that I can fake it till I make it.

Today I found beauty in…

Remembering who you are and what is important to you

64 Days

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