My Career Choice

May 22, 2014


Today I am especially thankful for…

Having this time where I am not really looking for a real job and I am working part-time and hourly has made me realize how grateful I am for my career choice.  I am so glad that I have decided to do what I really want, becoming a history professor.  I think that life is just too short to chase money and hate your job.  It seriously can make life such a drain to be doing something you are not passionate about.

I know the career road ahead of me is long, I still have 5 years of schooling left before I can get a permeant job, but I know 110% now that academia is where I want to be.  I love history, learning and teaching.  I can’t wait to inspire students, research amazing topics and build a really successful career.  It is so exciting getting to follow my dream, and I am so thankful for it!

Today I found beauty in…


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