Friend Days

May 17, 2014


Today I am especially grateful for…

I know I usually post later then this but I am about to head down to Orange County for the night and I wanted to say what I am grateful for as I wont get a chance later.  Today I am grateful for days spent with friends.  Living up in Ventura County where I know almost no one has been really lonely, but it is nice to be able to head back down to the OC to hand out with some friends for a day.

Tonight I am going over to my friend Hayley’s for a little get together then tomorrow we are heading down to the beach for a little bit of cliff jumping and later tomorrow night I am going to my friends graduation party.  I don’t have a lot of time left in California and the time I do have is going to be mainly spent working, so I am glad for these few days I get to spend with my friends here.  I will definitely miss all our adventures once I board that plane to Ireland. in 2 months.

Today I found beauty in…

Good Memories

72 Days

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