Openminded Parents

May 16, 2014


Today I am especially grateful for…

Today I started my second job and while I was waiting for the manager to come out and meet me I overheard a conversation of this very pushy mother.  She was on the phone to her son and they were discussing her daughter-in-laws career choices.  From what I heard her daughter in law was offered some really great job and the company was offering to send her to get her MBA.  This did not please her mother-in-law however as she was telling her son all her distasteful opinions about his wives new opportunities.

She basically said that she had warned him when he married her and she was going to be a teacher that she was trouble. You see god says a women’s place is at home having and raising children.  She was already a problem when she had promised that she was going to be a teacher so she could quit and raise kids when they were ready, but now she was going after a career and it was shameful.

This lady was so involved in her sons life, and talking so meanly about his son’s wife it made me want to punch her.  First I couldn’t stand what she was actually saying, that women were only good for having and raising babies, but then for her to push he opinions upon someone else, it was almost too much.

Thats when I realized how thankful I am that my parents are openminded.  They have always allowed me to make up my own mind on my beliefs and opinions.  They have never judged me or made me feel bad about my choices.  I know if I was gay I could come out to my parents, or if I was a transgender, or wanted to be muslim, even if my parents didn’t agree with my belief personally they would never try and force me to be a certain way, and they would never stop loving me.

I hope I remember this if I ever have kids, and today I am just so thankful that my parents are openminded.


Today I found Beauty in…


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