Fear, Isolation, and Perfectionism

  The following was written the other morning, since then I have moved on from these feelings but felt since I had written them down and I strive for authenticity I might as well post about it. I would like to, later this weekend, write about how I am feeling now and what I decided in regards to moving beyond feeling this way, but for now, here we go...   I woke up the other morning in an absolute panic. What the…


Nomadic Once Again

I am currently laying in a tent in Visalia, California. It is almost 9pm and still over 90 degrees out. Before two days ago I was completely ignorant to the fact that Visalia was even a location people camped, but little did I know there is a cute little KOA campsite here, the perfect stop on the way to the Western Sierras. As I lay here there are 13 people outside my tent, some busying themselves with making spaghetti and…


My Dream Backpacking Kit

Gear is the double edge sword of every outdoorsy person. On the one hand, I can't really think of anyone who doesn't get excited by a trip to RIE and who isn't thrilled about trying out new things on the trail, mountain, or crag. At the same time gear is expensive, and sometimes unnecessary, I mean how many times have you seen some poor hiker weighed down by a lot of unnecessary stuff? I have definitely been that person before. When…


Death Valley: Rivers and Roads Till I Meet You (Part 1)

A few weeks ago I randomly got into a conversation on Instagram with a friend of a friend. He looked really fun and seemed to love adventure and the outdoors, so over a gorgeous photo of some hot springs in Bishop (that not very many people know about) a conversation was struck, and almost immediately after, plans were made leaving late the next evening after work, venturing  into the dark and the desert with a complete stranger on faith and…


Hiking Big Horn Mine

A few weeks back I decided to spend my Friday out in Big Horn Sheep country in the San Gabriel Mountains. The original plan had been to head out early and summit Mt. Baden Powel, I was all set, I even had crampons that I had bought so I could stay safe while walking over ice. With some research the night before, however, I decided that there was a bit too much ice and I had too little experience with…

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Adventures [Video]

Finally got around to getting this video together from mine and my friend Justin's camping trip to Joshua Tree three weeks ago.  It was my first time ever there, but definitely, won't be my last. We had such a blast camping at Indian Cove and Jumbo Rocks as well as doing a couple hikes. The weather was perfect and we were able to wander aimlessly through the desert for a few hours without worrying about the heat. Hopefully, I will be…