Dirtbag Dreams

Yet another photo essay from the 'bama Hills. These were taken on a weekend camping/climbing trip we took with the Weekend Warrior crew. Great people, fine crags, campfires, puppies and slacklining, it's a dirtbag's paradise.  


Some Days I Wish I Had Bought a Van

Six months ago, this was not the plan. After not receiving funding I put my PhD dreams away and turned instead to my love of adventure, nature and travel. The plan had been to work for a season leading road trips all over the country, save some money, buy a van and fix it up. From there I was going to spend a winter working a ski season and the spring living out of my van climbing and training for bigger…


Yosemite: Big Wall Climbs and Alcove Swings

I started looking through some photos from earlier this year and realised I have so many photos from trips that I have yet to post. They represent some incredible adventures so I would really like to share them through a series of photo essays. This first one is from back in May when the guys (Phillip, Emilio, Ray, and Christian) headed to Yosemite to climb the West face of leaning tower, which is one of America's most overhung walls. For those of…



I am an adult and I am alone. Every day I wake up, go to work, spend time in my head thinking about ideas, reading and conceptualising, I achieve what I want to achieve, then I come home and I am alone, I eat dinner, I watch some TV maybe read, and then I go to sleep and do it all over again. I am an adult and I am alone. Now I do not say all this to sound…


New Year’s Resolution and Emotional Hibernation

Here we are yet again. Another birthday, another anniversary of this blog, and another set of resolutions for my 27th journey around the sun. Overall 26 was an amazing year. Full of incredible adventures, big changes, and deep and moving love. Just a recap, this time last year I had just returned to California from Dublin and was feeling a lot of uncertainty and anxiety about coming home and about the future. My decision to come home was one that…


Fear, Isolation, and Perfectionism

  The following was written the other morning, since then I have moved on from these feelings but felt since I had written them down and I strive for authenticity I might as well post about it. I would like to, later this weekend, write about how I am feeling now and what I decided in regards to moving beyond feeling this way, but for now, here we go...   I woke up the other morning in an absolute panic. What the…